BodiEs 1st step in the U.S. December 07 2015

BodiEs first step in the U.S. - Boston Fashion Week 10/02/2015


In the Boston Fashion Week there was a talented designer from the team: Eszter Bodi and the BodiEs were asked to show her creative and lateral thinking pieces in the Emerging Trends block during Boston Fashion Week.

Since October 2, American people know Eszer’s works because there were a lot of writings in newspapers and reports in TV from the Emerging Trends’ fashion shows. The designer of BodiEs has initiated the brand in 2011 and she charm the world with her innovative, multifunctional design pieces.

“It’s a design creature which can be everything, once BodiEs is a skirt, another time it’s a top, or when it’s raining throw the umbrella off and make kerchief from the BodiEs.” 

Since 2011 Eszter organised independent fashion shows in Budapest, Hungary, but BodiEs pieces were even on the catwalk in Vienna and in Belgrade, but this was the first time she could represent her unbelievably creative apparels to America. When we asked her about the story, she said:

„The organizer team of Boston Fashion Week has an agency, whose job is searching the newness all around the world. Well, the BodiEs has an Instagram account and I’m actively post on it and this is how we were discovered. I was asked to show in the Boston Fashion Week in July by a girl who kept an eye on Europe and I couldn’t believe it is happening. I sent them to my works, then we started to contact on Skype – and that’s the story how I could show my children – I call this way my inventions – in Boston.”





Creativity in fashion September 23 2015

Life is easy if You have a BodiEs multiscarf! :)

Barbie as a Muse for creativity… November 16 2014 68 Comments

We all remember that certain textile hair ribbon that every long-haired girl used to wear in the 90-ies; well, this textile hair ribbon gave me the basic idea for the BodiEs multiscarf. I loved to play with my Barbie, to dress her up and create new clothes for her from my mother’s scarves and all sorts of textiles. I used the ribbon on her as a skirt, then as a head scarf and sometimes as a bolero, thus lending her a different style every time. 10 ribbons at a time resulted in a big fluffy dress, giving her a sort of 18th century romantic look.

I have always adored scarves and two and a half years ago I remembered my Barbie and the hair ribbon and I ended up creating a human-sized prototype. After that I conducted a series of experiments with the material and the sizes in order to find the most practical and easiest version. The special water repellent fabric was my winner and with it I made a one-size, adjustable scarf. This is the version I had trademarked and BodiEs has been a unique design creation ever since, or as I like to call it: my baby. One thing is for sure, I will not give up until each and every one of you admits that a life without BodiEs is not worth living.

LOVE xxx
Eszter Bodi