Barbie as a Muse for creativity… November 16 2014 68 Comments

We all remember that certain textile hair ribbon that every long-haired girl used to wear in the 90-ies; well, this textile hair ribbon gave me the basic idea for the BodiEs multiscarf. I loved to play with my Barbie, to dress her up and create new clothes for her from my mother’s scarves and all sorts of textiles. I used the ribbon on her as a skirt, then as a head scarf and sometimes as a bolero, thus lending her a different style every time. 10 ribbons at a time resulted in a big fluffy dress, giving her a sort of 18th century romantic look.

I have always adored scarves and two and a half years ago I remembered my Barbie and the hair ribbon and I ended up creating a human-sized prototype. After that I conducted a series of experiments with the material and the sizes in order to find the most practical and easiest version. The special water repellent fabric was my winner and with it I made a one-size, adjustable scarf. This is the version I had trademarked and BodiEs has been a unique design creation ever since, or as I like to call it: my baby. One thing is for sure, I will not give up until each and every one of you admits that a life without BodiEs is not worth living.

LOVE xxx
Eszter Bodi